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QWhat's included in my villa vacation?
AWe're a full-service villa vacation company, that makes it easy for you to relax and enjoy your vacation from the moment you arrive. Your vacation (or experience) is completely customizable and unique to you and your travel guests. We offer a variety of services. Such as; access to a Local Host, personal pre-trip planning, a customized itinerary, pre-arrival house inspection and preparation, and pre-arrival grocery shopping, to name a few.
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QCan you help me plan my trip?
AOf course we can! Cooking lessons, bike routes, language lessons...you name it. Our "we've been there" familiarity allows truly insightful, one-on-one, customized pre-trip planning.
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QDoes HV work with Travel Agents?
AYes, with pleasure! One phone call to us and you're connected with one of our specialists. We offer competitive commissions within the travel industry, and simplify your villa search with quick response times and white-label profiles.
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QWhat makes HV different?
ATwo things: deep regional knowledge to help enhance your villa stay, and fast, personalized response and service. Our objective is not just to rent villas; we find satisfaction only in the success of your vacation.
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QShould I get travel insurance?
AWe strongly recommend purchasing travel insurance for your peace of mind. If you're interested in a quote, or to discuss the various policy options, please give us a call.
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QHow do I know if the villa I chose is right for me?
ATrust us as we work with you. We'd rather ensure the right fit for your group configuration and vacation priorities than risk unhappy guests.
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QWhat will I need in terms of travel documents?
AProof of citizenship will be required for your travels. A current passport, valid for 6 months beyond your travel dates, mandatory for most destinations outside your country of residence. Please check with your travel agent or the appropriate US Government website for the most current identification, visa, and other travel document requirements.
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QWhat is the minimum rental period?
AThis varies by villa, region, and season. Generally, the minimum ranges between three and seven nights. For the festive period, the minimums are often longer in warm-weather destinations, from 10-14 nights in some places.
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QHow do I check availability for a villa?
ASimply let our HV team know the dates you’re interested in, and we will ascertain availability within hours, if not sooner. Automated calendars from outside sources can be inaccurate – bookings and cancellations often outpace updates – and so we prefer to get you a reliable answer by communicating directly with the owner in real time.
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QWill my driver's license be sufficient to rent a car?
AWe strongly advise that you purchase an International Driving Permit (IDP) from an authorized provider such as AAA or CAA when travelling internationally. It is not a standalone document as it is only accepted in tandem with your original driver's license. While you may not be asked for an IDP when renting a car, in many countries you are required to have one and risk an extra fine should you commit a traffic infringement. For a very small fee, the IDP is worth the peace of mind.
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QCan I rent one of your villas for a wedding ceremony only?
ANo. None of HV’s villa owner/partners permit one-day rentals for an event only. Minimum durations vary from three to seven nights, depending on the property and season. For answers to common wedding FAQs, please view them here.
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